You have built a political contact programme for a small client, based around a Government review of the client’s business sector, which is likely to propose reforms harmful to the client’s business. The government’s consultation process will initially focus on large players in the sector so your client will not be consulted for some time. In light of this, your client suggests that you request a meeting with the Minister to discuss the impact of the government’s proposals on your many clients in the sector, but without mentioning this client.

The approach of requesting a meeting on behalf of one named client is correct as all other alternatives would mean you are not being entirely honest as to who you are representing.   Alternatively, you could request a joint meeting for all your clients in the sector as long as they all agree with this approach and you can advise that such approach would be more effective than individual representations.

Clause 4 of the APPC Code of Conduct states

In making representations to the institutions of government, political practitioners must be open in disclosing the identity of their clients and must not misrepresent their interests.