You are talking to a client about a briefing note produced for upcoming meetings with MPs. Conscious that the organisation has fallen behind in its environmental performance, the client asks you to enhance the statistics used, not using incorrect figures but rather deploying the data in a more creative fashion.

Knowingly providing false information in a briefing to MPs breaches this clause of the Code.  It also constitutes a reputational risk as well as potentially damaging relationships with MPs.  Rather than a short-term win, you could explain to the client that the long-term engagement with MPs will be more important in helping the client achieve their aims.  Additionally, you could advise the client to highlight recent improvements and to discuss the organisation’s future ambitions and desire to improve further.  Another approach would be to advise the client to put proactive engagement with MPs on hold until the client is confident that there is a positive story to tell.

Clause 2 of the APPC Code of Conduct states

Political practitioners must act with honesty towards clients and the institutions of government.