You are member of the Conservative Party, actively involved with your local constituency association. You have recently won a new client, advising on their campaign for the construction of wind farms. The local MP is a strong opponent of wind farms and you are keen that she drops her opposition to the benefit of your new client. You have been well briefed by the client on the arguments to make the case in favour of wind farms. You are thinking whether you can use a forthcoming meeting of the constituency association (at which the MP will be present) to gain members’ support to press her to drop her opposition.

You should not use membership of a constituency association, or any other personal political activity, as a lobbying opportunity on behalf a client.

Clause 12 of the APPC Code of Conduct states

Political practitioners must keep strictly separate from their duties and activities as political practitioners any personal activity or involvement on behalf of a political party, including as an office holder or candidate for office.