You are meeting a new client for the first time post-appointment. The client explains that the organisation has been wary about moving to proactive public affairs and does not want to draw attention to your appointment. With that in mind, the client asks you to keep the news of the appointment to yourself.

APPC members must be open and transparent about who they are representing when engaging with institutions of government.  This benefits clients as they can be assured that the agency is being honest with them about who they work with.  The APPC Register is up-dated on a quarterly basis so, in this scenario, at the next up-date the agency will be required to declare the new client if public affairs services have been provided.

Clause 18 of the APPC Code of Conduct states
Members must disclose the names of all their clients and practitioners in the APPC Register.  A member providing secretariat or other services for an All-Party Parliamentary Group must list that APPG as a client, together with the name(s) of the APPG’s funder(s) and any associated organisation(s).