Training Module

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Your client is having difficulty securing local support for a proposed new building. Residents are concerned about the impact on their local area. The client is aware that a colleague in your agency (who is not working on this account) is a local councillor. Keen to make positive progress with the planning application, the client asks if your colleague will use his influence to encourage councillors and members of the planning committee to support the scheme despite of the local opposition.

Course of action:

Whilst the councillor is unable to influence the Council himself, he will brief you on how best to gain access and influence the relevant members of the Council, using his insight and knowledge. You inform the client that, whilst the councillor cannot work on the account, you will brief him on the issue so that he can use his influence within the Council and report back to the client through other members of the team. You explain that the councillor cannot work on the account, nor use his influence as suggested, which would be in breach of the APPC Code and would also bring the client and the scheme into disrepute. You agree that going forward the local councillor will be employed on the account and will use his position to help the client.